younger looking skin WITHOUT Botox

If you are a busy mom and want
younger, FResher skin without
expensive & Risky botox,
Try gua sha!
  • Using gua sha for just 1 minute a day will dramatically increase circulation leaving skin fresh and glowing
  • Most wrinkles are formed from muscle tension, gua sha will help relax muscles leaving skin noticeably smoother
  • ​Stimulates collagen production repairing and preventing wrinkles
  • ​Removes toxins from your face leaving skin clear and bright
  • ​Helps your beauty products to work better

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Gua Sha Guide - How to Use the Natural Alternative to Botox

In this easy to follow guide, I explain the benefits of using a gua sha stone in your beauty routine.
Plus, get step by step directions to help you get the most out of this natural anti age tool!

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ANY Busy Mom
Can Repair and Prevent Wrinkles Without The

My Gua Sha Guide Will Teach You Step by Step How to Use This Simple Stone in Your Beauty Routine
Many of our wrinkles are caused by poor circulation and muscle tension which causes our skin to pull. By using a gua sha for a minute or two every day, your circulation will be greatly improved bringing fresh nutrient rich blood flow to the skin's surface, leaving your skin more toned and compact.

The simple massage technique I teach in this guide will help you to literally iron out those tense facial muscles leaving fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Performing this easy massage will also stimulate collagen production helping to repair and prevent further wrinkles.

What You Can Expect From The Gua Sha Guide -
How to Use the Natural Alternative to Botox 

  • ​How to look younger in no time - No experience required!
  • ​Easy to follow advice that doesn't take a lot of time... even if you're a total newbie
  • ​Uncover the secrets to repair wrinkles and even prevent future wrinkles with toned and firm skin​
  • ​Get a fresh face without the cost or risk of botox
  • ​Reduce wrinkles - Quickly!
  • ​Eliminate the "freak out factor" when it comes to skin care - Definitively!

YES! I Want To Know How I Can Use Gua Sha for Younger, Fresher Skin

Hi there, I am Kate, founder of Clean Beauty Swiss.

I can totally understand and appreciate just how hard it is to find time for yourself. As a mother of 3 kids myself, I know how important and seemingly impossible finding that time is! 

I formulated Clean Beauty Swiss Skin Polishes for you - they are SO easy to use - literally at the end of your shower, after you have washed yourself and before getting out of the shower, massage a small amount of product all over your body (you could even use it on your face), and then rinse well.

Your skin will be soft, velvety and so fresh and healthy! The whole process takes literally 2 minutes - less time than it take to brush your teeth!

Made with all natural ingredients you can even use it while pregnant or breast feeding. I have been there - having healthy, toned skin is not to be taken lightly right? 

But above all, I wanted to create a luxurious, spa-like product to pamper you for however much time you can allow yourself.

2 minutes FOR YOURSELF - NO GUILT, NO STRESS, time for you and you alone. Take it, now is your chance to see just how beautiful you really are.

Perfect Gift
I bought this (Peppermint Vanilla) as a birthday present for my sister lasy summer, she always complains about bloated legs in the summer. She was obsessed and ended up buying a jar every month!
                              - Sue

In less than a week I saw a huge improvement in my acne prone skin. And don't get me started on the amazingly delicious smell! I love it!!
                              - Jasmin

I LOVED this skin polish - Thank you so much, I will definitely purchase it again!
                              - Antonella

I have always taken care of my skin, going to the aesthetician frequently for facials etc.
I have always been interested in 'Natural' products.
When I heard about this new all natural skin polish I began using it and immediately fell in love!
I have very sensitive skin so I don't use it every day but I have found the routine that works well and leaves my skin so soft.
The coconut oil leaves my skin hydrated, while other products have always left my skin dry, I even would have to use another cream afterwards. But not now!
When I use it on my face it not only cleans and exfoliates my skin but it leaves it so hydrated at the same time. I highly recommend for anyone who prefers using natural products.
                              - Francoise

I tried this skin polish completely out of  curiousity. I couldn't have chosen better! It makes your skin so soft, and the smell of fresh coffee is so wonderful! It truly seems like something homemade - I will definitely buy again! Well done!!!!
                           - Eleonora

Super FAST
I hate using creams, body butter etc but I TOTALLY need them! I tried this skin polish a couple of years ago as an alternative - I had no idea how much it would change my skin! Now I am never without - I have tried all of the different polishes but Coffee Ginger is my favorite!!!
                              - Katia

Clean Beauty's scrubs bring the spa experience into your home! They are so luxurious and smell incredible. The scrubs exfoliate without being too abrasive on my sensitive skin. They leave my skin with a healthy glow - perfect in these cold winter months. After using, my skin feels so soft and moisturized. I do not need to put lotion on after using, which is an added time saver in the morning. My personal favorite is the Lavender Vanilla scrub. And get this - all of Clean Beauty's products are 100% clean and natural - no need to worry about any toxins or chemicals. Thanks Clean Beauty!
                              - Maggie

This is AMAZING!
I love this scrub so much. The cinnamon smell fills my bathroom and it leaves my skin so soft. I actually threw away my body lotion!
                              - Giulia

Not only does my skin feel super smooth after using it, but also hydrated from the coconut oil. I didn't feel like I needed to put lotion on after.
                              - Kathryn

** Most reviews have been translated from Italian to English. To see the original posts please go to the Clean Beauty Swiss website or Facebook page (cleanbeautyswiss).

I love taking care of myself, but at the same time I am lazy and impatient. I like to 'rush', for example, when I apply body lotion.
I initally ordered Clean Beauty Swiss products because I was attracted to the colors and the 'flavors': vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, peppermint.
I was really surprised because they are super practical, in addition to being pretty and smelling great.
They are perfect for anyone, who like me, don't believe that everything comes down to 'no pain no gain'.
All it took was a quick application and immediately my skin was silky soft (even my face!).
Clean Beauty Swiss Skin Polishes are a wonderful stress free moment of relax. A true pleasure, both for my skin and for my senses.
                              - Sara

Hi my name is Angela and I am 40 years old, I love this product both for body and face! I love the coffee based skin polishes and even the Lavender Vanilla is really wonderful for my skin!
                              - Angela

This skin polish is AMAZING! My skin was as soft as velvet... a must have in Your Shower!... 😉❤️
                          - Eleonora

A Delicious Coffee
I really love this skin polish and after reading the Clean Beauty Swiss blog found that there are at least 5 different ways to use it! The blog is a great resource of information and I highly recommend reading it!
                              - Sara

Clean Beauty Swiss' skin polishes are incredible!
 - Patrizia

Dearest Kate, thank you so much for these products! I have been a client for over 2 years now and I love these skin polishes. Since I've started using  your skin polishes my sensitive skin suffers less redness and is noticeably more nourished.
My daughter uses them for her daily cleansing, we can't live without them at this point! Thank you so much for a safe and natural product that literally takes 1 minute at the end of my shower.
I will always be a loyal Clean Beauty Swiss customer, big hugs to you!
                           - Caterina

Honestly I have never heard about this brand, I decided to give them a try and try their skin polishes. They are AMAZING! I used the Coffee Ginger skin polish on my body at the end of my shower, on my face and it has left my skin soft and smooth, I can confirm! Plus, you can totally smell the ground coffee, both in the texture and in the lovely smell of this skin polish!
                              - Sofia

I have been using three different scrubs for almost six months, and I am in LOVE! I’m very sensitive to chemical smells and easily react to soaps that are too harsh. These scrubs are so natural and gentle, they smell incredible, and give my skin such a lovely and healthy glow. You can see the beauty of the fresh ingredients just by looking at the product. 🌱 You will wonder how your skin survived the hot summers and dry winters without these all-natural scrubs!
                              - Ana Karina

Not only does my skin feel super smooth after using it, but also hydrated from the coconut oil. I didn't feel like I needed to put lotion on after.
                              - Kathryn
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